Our Facilities

Replika is professionally managed state-of-the-art company with established name, trust, and track record in domestic and international publishing market. This is well supported by the facilities that spread across three swanky units, crafted diligently in sensitivity and conformance to environment concerns and future expansion in focus. The combined area of the three units is around 617,084 sq. ft. producing more than 30 million books per year. 



At Replika Press, we are handling a paper stock of more than 15,000 MT per annum. Our print production facility houses top-of-the-line and high-end technology, machinery and workflow solutions to print 36,000 hard case and 75,000 soft case books per day, which can be doubled or scaled up as required or on-demand by our clients and prospects. 



We have a printing solution for every custom book with a capability to produce print runs from 1 to 500 digitally and 500 to 5, 00,000 offset and deliver soft case and hard case with perfect or PUR bound books with value added application of special finishes, UV varnish, die-punching, foil stamping and blocking among others custom applications as desired by the clients.